Hydrogen proposal for Redcar

NORTHERN Gas Networks (NGN), the company responsible for transporting gas to homes and businesses in Redcar and Cleveland, is developing plans to convert part of its network to transport hydrogen.

The proposed Redcar Hydrogen Community comprises 2,000 homes and businesses in the town centre, Warrenby, Coatham and parts of Kirkleatham. NGN is currently designing the project and next year, a decision will be made to progress either the Redcar project, or one in the North West, with the chosen community switching to hydrogen from 2025.

The natural gas we use today creates carbon when burned, which is contributing towards climate change. Hydrogen can be used in the same way, but is more environmentally friendly.

Redcar was chosen as there are plans to produce hydrogen locally. For anyone in the hydrogen community, there would be a need to change gas appliances. Everyone will be supported in making these changes, which will be free of charge. Hydrogen appliances, such as boilers, cookers and fires look very similar to today’s gas appliances and work in the same way.

Look out for a shop opening on Redcar high street for residents to come and chat about the project and what it means for the area.

Visit redcarhydrogencommunity.co.uk or call 0800 040 7766 for more information.