Whale washes up on Redcar beach

AN interactive street theatre spectacle called ‘the whale’ appeared on Majuba beach, Redcar, last month in a powerful statement about the environment and climate change.

The event involved a life-size, hyper-real statue of a sperm whale which was found washed up on Majuba beach. As part of the spectacle, a team of performers acting as scientists ran tests for three days to find out why it happened.

It’s hoped the installation will help Redcar be further recognised as a place where communities explore the opportunity to see and engage in a quality cultural offer that challenges and stimulates discussion about wider agendas such as climate change.

The artistic and cultural experience was also used for educational purposes, with schools offered bespoke online resources to learn about whales and their environment. Climate change is leading to a loss of habitat and food for whales.

The replica whale, which even produced the smell of decay, was made in 2013 and has been ‘washed up’ at cities and towns across Europe including London, Paris and Madrid.